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Loading Dock Use
  1. ALL delivery vendors (excluding FedEx / UPS / USPS) MUST have their Certificate of Insurance (COI) registered with Lincoln Property at least 48 hours prior to any deliveries being made. Assure both LPC and the Landlord are added as additional insured.

Here is the information needed on the Certificate of Insurance:

Certificate Holder:
TFO REVA Meritage Rock Spring Property, LLC
c/o Lincoln Property Company
6555 Rock Spring Drive
Bethesda, MD 20817

Additional Insured:
LPC Commercial Services, Meritage Properties, LLC, TFO REVA Meritage Rock Spring Property, LLC and all related entities

  1. All deliveries must be logged into the Tenant Center 24 hours prior to the delivery.

    • The following information will need to be included in the request:

      1. Delivery Vendor Information:
        • Name
        • Business Number
        • Email of contact
        • Address
      2. Delivery description
      3. Date of Delivery & approximate timeframe
      4. Approximate load weight
      5. piece of equipment required for delivery.
  2. If a delivery is not scheduled through the tenant handbook system, the lessor / property management can deny access to the freight / delivery company.
  3. Deliveries to the loading dock are on a first come, first serve basis.
    • If the loading dock is full, the delivery company must wait until the dock is free or come back and redeliver.
  4. Under no circumstances should any delivery be made through any door other than the loading dock without specific approval from Lincoln Property Company.
  5. All pallets are to be removed from the property by the tenant.

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